Our Staff

Alan Batten: Administrator Emeritus, Unity of Charlotte Historian

Alan Batten was born in Rhode Island, but being from the smallest state gave him a large heart. He’s been a Southerner ever since he learned the difference between “You All” and “All You All.” He’s been living in Charlotte since 1982. Alan has been a student of Unity for more than 45 years, and has facilitated scores of classes and workshops, bringing Unity principles to work in everyday activities. He’s a firm believer in Charles Fillmore’s concept of Practical Christianity. Alan has been a writer ever since he received a toy typewriter as a toddler. He immediately set out to write the Great American Novel. Unfortunately for society, no one could read it. We’re glad that he finally learned how to type! Alan has served on the Board of Trustees as President for several terms.

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Will Higginbotham: Technology Team, Audio System, Sound Board


Dagmar Jones: Bookkeeper and Administrator (Remote)

Dagmar Jones was born and raised in Germany and has been living in Florida since 1986. She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Hospitality Management from Florida International University in Miami. She is married to Edward and has 2 grown children, Cory and Haley. Dagmar is a certified yoga instructor. She teaches yoga at her local Unity of Sebring Life Enrichment Center and at Advent Health. Fun fact: Dagmar served as a board of trustees member and then as President of the Board of Trustees at Unity of Sebring for one term each. She has been attending Unity for the past 15 years.