Helpful Hints

A beautiful Eternal Peace Rose bloom.

This page will be used for helpful notes. 

Here are some suggestions designed to help find some information
     that may be hiding in plain sight. 

1. Click on ABOUT US (itself) for a page about our beliefs. 

2. Click on CONTACT US to find a menu link to our weekly newsletter
     delivered to your email on Fridays. 

3. On the HOME page, search down to the "Upcoming Events" section and
     then click on the blue words to see more information. 

4. Click on the blue boxes in the Calendar for more information. 

5. Most images do not have hyperlinks, although some on the HOME page
     have a visible link in the center of the picture. 

6. You are invited to set our URL "" as a favorite on your
     browser's tabs for frequent use. This will make it easier for you to keep
     up with our activities. 

7. If you are viewing this website on a cell phone, the presentation may be
     better if the phone is held horizontally.